We develop products with impact at each stage of the elimination chain.

The Global Technical Strategy for Malaria elimination is based on three major pillars.Magnetrap develops solutions to support each of these pillars and innovates constantly according to a well-defined business plan.

1st pillar

Ensure universal access to malaria prevention, diagnosis and treatment

2nd pillar

Accelerate efforts towards elimination and attainment of malaria-free statuts

3rd pillar

Transform malaria surveillance into a core intervention

A new generation of detection devices is needed

A new generation of detection devices is needed to improve the quality of diagnose symptomatic carriers (Test), to discriminate different causes of fever and thus allow patients to receive the right treatments for the right diseases (Treat) and to detect asymptomatic carriers being the main reservoirs of the disease and to monitor and adapt consequently the elimination strategies (Track). Finally, we develop a new gold standard to confirm diagnosis as an accessible reference for health workers.

Our solution approach

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At the point of care whether they are in hospitals or dispensaries, in urban or rural zones, we bring solutions to the urgent need for diseases detection.

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