Asymptomatic people (non-febrile) are the main reservoir of circulating parasites

Malaria diagnosis means the detection of blood parasites in sick patients suffering the disease.These patients (approximately 400 M per year in the world) are detected by the fever they are presenting at the time of diagnosis.But there is clear evidence that asymptomatic people (non-febrile) are the main reservoir of circulating parasites in the population. People presenting asymptomatic malaria are: • people with immunity acquired following regular and long exposure to malaria,• people recently treated by drugs that did not kill all the parasites stages, or• people with very low parasitemia, days before presenting symptoms.

is a prerequisite for elimination since those reservoirs will be the source of persistent infections in other people.

This detection of parasites circulating in asymptomatic carriers is much easier by using non-invasive devices at the point-of care.

The existing solutions for asymptomatic malaria detection requests trained technicians in a lab driven environment (PCR, microscopy).