Magnetrap was founded in 2017

by a team of scientists, engineers, business experts and awareness professionals. They are convinced that bringing together all these competences from different horizons is the only way to generate a sustainable decrease of tropical diseases leading to their elimination. Our passion and our faith in our success are getting stronger along the way of progress of our product development.

Strategic board

Management Team

Key Partners

Therefor Magnetrap has established an international network including research centers in Mons (Belgium), Lyon (France) and Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) but also innovating industrial partners in micro-fluidics, optics, data and portable power systems. IP management and the highest quality standards are in the heart of our activities and recognized experts in these fields are part of our team.

The founders of Magnetrap also built proven capacities in mobilizing necessary resources to enter on the specific malaria market by understanding national and international needs of the key stakeholders.

Our founding elements

Disruptive innovation

Life Science Experts

Strong Expertise on Global South markets

From product to solution philosophy

Market driven (vs Lab-Driven)

Sustainable (societal progress, values, profitability)

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